About uppaBe.

The uppaBe team worked together at larger technology focused brokerage for years. After the market began to correct, the brokerage was shut down in Canada.

From there, we saw an opportunity of an underserved market. Clients want to save money, they want to not be pressured and they want full transparency of what they are actually getting.

The team came together and decided to address the issue from ground up, and uppaBe was born! Since then, we have developed an innovative business model that allows the customer to feel confident in buying or selling real estate.


Full rates and fees disclosed on our forms and website


Discounted listing rates and Cash Back incentives


Leading-edge technology to automate and simplify transactions

Message from
our President.

“The consumer has changed – they have become more educated and versed in the industry more than ever before. However, the industry remains mostly unchanged, with the same fee structures and service offerings from decades ago. At uppaBE we want to help the consumer by saving them money, simplifying the process, and offering a completely transparent approach to buying or selling their home. It’s about time that the industry works for the consumer – and that’s what we aspire to do at uppaBE.”