Cash Back for Buyers

Let us help you with some extra cash in your pocket when you buy with uppaBe! That’s right, we pay you to work with us.* Try our cash back calculator to see the savings based on the home purchase price.

Our Clients' Savings!

Experience the satisfaction of maximizing your savings with our transparent pricing and
cash-back incentives, tailored to empower you in your real estate journey.

Curious how much you can save in your next real estate transaction?

Frequently Asked


Are you a full service brokerage?

Yes, we offer 1% full service listings and full service experience for our Buyers but with Cash back.  For the MLS Posting, we would professionally post your home listing on MLS with all the features and look of a  full service listing, but you would negotiate the sale yourself.

We are fully compliant and in good standings with local boards, RECO and manage a regulated  real estate trust account just like any brokerage in Ontario.
We are able to digitize and automate the tedious repetitive tasks for a listing and transfer the savings onto you. The cost of listing and buying a home has dropped significantly, but the industry rates have been the same for the last 40+ years. Our team believes the rates in our industry are too high, and are maximizing efficiencies on our end to save you money in your pocket. 

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